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What We're Building

Communicating and sharing sound like simple things - and they should be. Somewhere along the way, they got complicated. We decided to build something incredibly ambitious and bold to pioneer a new kind of communication infrastructure and network. We’re in the early stages of our efforts. While we’re excited by the amazing product that we’re building, we choose to remain in stealth mode before extending Handler to a broader group of people.

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Handler Team

Mathieu Ramage
Founder and CEO
Founder of - end-to-end encryption service for emails. PhD in Computer Engineering
Diego Bezerra
Software Engineer with 5+ years of Android development experience, 9+ years of mobile development experience.
Yogesh Padekar
An experienced iOS developer with experience in various kind of apps from development to deployment
Raissa Matias da Silva
QA Analyst 1+ year of experience, 2+ years of mobile developer and 1+ year of web developer. Familiar with several tools and framework, development and testing.
Jatinder Singh
Mumbai University Graduate Boy, Front-end Developer, Develop Hybrid Mobile Application and AngularJS application independently. Love to learn and implement.
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