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In 4 years, Hackers/Founders has a portfolio of:

  • 60 Startups

  • $600+ Million Market Cap

  • $100+ Million Raised

  • 5 Exits

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Laura Nelson
Chief Idea Officer, Hackers/Founders H/F Co-op & Enterprise Chief Snark Officer - H/F Global Board, Global Entrepreneur in Residence Coalition
Warren Liang
3rd year studying Computer Science at San Jose State University. Currently working at Hackers/Founders.
Mak Gutierrez
Managing Director
Passionate for the Latam Startup Ecosystem Former UX Professor at ITESO, serial entrepreneur since 2000, now leading H/F Mexico
Acquired by Cisco in 2016
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Vlad Stan
Full stack founder. Bitcoin aficionado. Few exits, many lessons learned. Currently Co-Founder & CEO of Futuristico. I am only getting started.
Doug Scott
Over 180 backers. Click to see why:) UK - GLOBAL - Go on click:):)
Paul King
Strategic Investor
Former 25 under 25 Entrepreneur, creating the next best cannabis brand
Jeff Heitzman
Managing Partner @ CTC Ventures, Syndicate Co-Lead @New Stack Ventures , Investor @Embark @Tovala @Quilt Data @Cybrary @Popular Pays @Jiobit @Adjoint
Can help with
“(Power-User Feedback, Customer Intros, Investor Intros, FinTech Expertise)
I invest in founders and products I am passionate about when I believe they can...more
Kanen Flowers
I've been a founder (of 5 companies so far) and I own a film studio. I'm an advisor to Axle, Adobe (yes, that one) and several other companies.
Darren Paltrowitz
Entertainment industry creative-type...with a Masters in Library & Information Sciences
Mark Pui
Management consulting and corporate finance experience in Asia. Passionate about working with owners to grow businesses. Early investor in blockchain space.
Can help with
“Where startups would be keen to expand into Asian markets for business (or raise capital out of Asia), I would be happy to assist.”
Mak is one of the most passionate and connected people we know at latin america. Specifically México.
His leadership and vision to support the whole latin ecosystem expanding Hackers and Founders presence and events in Guadalajara and other places has been essential for successs and fostering...more
Mak is a serial entrepreneur with very relevant experience in creating SaaS businesses in the US and Mexico. A leader in the startup ecosystem in Latin America
Pablo Mateos
For Mak Gutierrez's work with Onolytics
Great advisor, provide great advices to grow the company and provide more value
Nestor Hugo de Haro Gutierrez
For Mak Gutierrez's work with RIGS
He is a bright, creative, and self motivated young man with many marketable skills. He is a dedicated and hard worker, able to finish any job he starts quickly and efficiently.
Email Marketing experience
One of my favorite people in Silicon Valley. Super connected, responsive and always willing to help. I'm very lucky to call Jonathan a friend.
Jonathan is very strong on empathy. Has an excellent network of contacts, and has created an "advice API".
Legendary hacker from the US!
Jonathan has given a great deal to the community by supporting entrepreneurs who are just starting out.
He is very connected in the startup community. He has good deal flow, which will help angel members.
Manny Fernandez
For Jonathan David Nelson's work with DreamFunded
Jonathan and his group did an amazing job walking me through the process, and really made sure I understood the details without getting lost in the weeds. Kudos, looks like the portfolio companies have outperformed expectations!
Kicks ass and chews bubblegum!
Allen Byerly
For Jonathan David Nelson's work with GroupHub
When it comes to building a business and maneuvering the many obstacles a start up faces, few people can offer real actionable advice that have your best interest in heart. Jonathan has proven to be such a person that is both wise and smart, loyal and trustworthy and extremely well connected....more
Steven Rahseparian
For Jonathan David Nelson's work with Secured Universe
Jonathan knows exactly what stands in a way of any startup. Have amazing networking skills and a true people person.
Mykola Mykhailian
For Jonathan David Nelson's work with ODVI
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