Senior Software Engineer at GYANT

San Francisco · Full Time

Job Description

At GYANT, we are building a conversational medical AI system from the ground up. No easy feat. Lots of hard science and engineering challenges to solve. To tackle them, we are assembling a team of experienced super-heroes who have already proven their ability to turn bleeding edge research and tech into practical applications.

We are looking for versatile and ingenious Software Engineers who are passionate about building great user experiences.

Our technical journey has just begun, so we would expect you to help shape the system from the ground up. Our current thinking is based on a micro-services architecture running on Kubernetes/AWS. Individual components (NLU, Reasoning, Diagnostics, NLG) will communicate via REST APIs and will probably be implemented in Node.JS or Python. A mobile app may be on the horizon for later in the year.

What we are looking for:
- CS or Engineering degree
- 4+ years experience working in agile teams/projects
- Successful track record with JavaScript/Node, Python, MongoDB, Kubernetes, AWS
- Strong communication skills
- Passion for our mission: helping millions of people globally with their health concerns

What We're Building

GYANT is a health assistant that leads you from your symptom to the likely condition, by asking questions and listening to answers, like a doctor does - but through AI.

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