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We find best consumer technology startups in Russia and Ukraine, bring them to Silicon Valley and help emerge into global leaders in their segment. We focus on Death Valley stage, when the product is ready and verified, but the traction is not yet sufficient for larger VCs to pick the company. We only focus on those startups with impressive growth pace, that can prove they have a chance to become global leader. Unique positioning and extensive pipeline allows us to realize significant upside (up to x10 in valuation) after the flip from Eastern Europe to US for startups with proven product and user growth traction.
Our fund strategy is to syndicate all the deals we invest in
Roman Sobachevskiy
Former software engineer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Looking for startups to invest.
Pavel Cherkashin
GP at GVA Vestor.In. Former Adobe and Microsoft exec, founded Actis (sold to Wunderman), AdWatch (sold to AEGIS/Isobar), Sputnik Labs (sold to Technoserv)
Andrey Gurin
Co-founded Direct Credit - startup in consumer loan solutions for e-commerce. Worked at Aurora Russia PE fund, GE Capital, GE Oil & Gas, GE Healthcare. IESE MBA 1998.
Magomed Musaev
Founder and President of Global Venture Alliance (GVA). Venture Capitalist with multiple funds in the United States and Europe with over $120M in AUM
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The King of Product & Business Models
Pavel Cherkashin
For Roman Sobachevskiy's work at GVA Capital
Nuclear creativity and positive energy
Pavel Cherkashin
For Daria Gonzalez's work at GVA Capital
I would highly recommend Pavel, as a person who knows very well how to grow companies, to build distribution channels, to launch product in the wildest markets and to capture them by storm
Igor Shoifot
Advisor of a company Pavel Cherkashin founded
Pavel's smart money investments contribute a lot to any new venture as his experience in numerous companies in Russian internet and IT industry will become company's assets day one with him ready to help on any relevant operational and strategic issue founders only might think.
Valery Senko
Co-investor in a company Pavel Cherkashin invested in
It knows how to listen and hear young startups
Very competent investor.
A great vision, wise advices and huge experience - all these about Pavel.
Dmitry Chistov
For Pavel Cherkashin's work with WhatsHelp
Pavel provides valuable advice on fundraising and company strategy
Pavel Pravdin
For Pavel Cherkashin's work with Welltory