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Independent Advertising Agency

Bamboo is an independent ad agency in San Francisco. Read More
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What We're Building

Bamboo is an independent advertising agency in San Francisco.

Our team has successfully managed ~$100MM in spend for clients like Uber, HotelTonight, and The New York Times. We couple tremendous mobile and paid social expertise with an "extension of the in-house team" mentality that makes us the perfect partner for any innovative company in scaling mode.

If you're putting a dent in the universe, we'd love to help make it bigger. If you are a high-integrity person who wants to become a world-class marketer (or already is one!), please have a look at our open job listings on Angellist:

Facebook has 2 billion active users, but we're on it so much that they send us cookies.
Sailing on the Bay, Trips to Tahoe, Oyster-Shuckin' up North... You never know what the Bamboo Fun Committee is going to come up with next.
Warning: You may come to work and find your face on a Birthday Cake if you join our team.
When things get hard at the office, just go look out the window at our view. It's been known to help.
Vests are not required but *are* encouraged.
The highly coveted 2-year anniversary gift.
Creative work demands creative spaces. We frequently do off-site workshops at Breather locations around San Francisco to shake things up.
Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Jobs at Bamboo

Bamboo Team

Daniel Pearson
Founder @Bamboo • Marketer • Always Learning
Danny Sauter
Now: Co-Founder @Bamboo // Past: @Zaarly @Dynamit
Jessica Colombo
Mobile UA @Bamboo Past: @Onekingslane @Zaarly. BA in Marketing from Michigan State.
Jon Newman
Founded Aqwire, LLC | Better Performance Marketing
Cameron Mills
Helping build @Bamboo
Lauren Brunner
Creative Mind | Entrepreneurial Spirit | Digital Marketer
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