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Grove Collaborative

Full-Stack Software Engineer at Grove Collaborative

San Francisco · Full Time
We are a fast growing venture-backed ecommerce startup based in Cow Hollow -- a small and mighty team of 50 (20 in San Francisco) making sustainable, healthy choices easy for tens of thousands of families across the country, and building a beautiful, mission-forward flagship brand. Read More
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Job Description

Grove is hiring! We're looking for an experienced full-stack web
developer to join our engineering team of 5 and help hundreds of
thousands of families across the country access natural, non-toxic
household products.

Consumer packaged good are a multi-trillion-dollar category, and coming online fast. Grove is the brand that will lead the way.

We're an ecommerce company that prides itself on being able to adapt
to customer and market needs in near-real-time; if we see a business
opportunity, we grab it. Technology is an accelerant to everything we

The Work

Our flagship product is our website: We've created a
unique, subscription-based commerce experience that leads the sector
in engagement and repurchase. The Grove site is a Django application,
exposing REST API endpoints that conform to the JSON-API spec. The
front-end of the site consumes those endpoints, as do a myriad of
internal tools.

Some of the big rocks we need to move over the next 6 months:

1. Revamp our analytics pipeline to integrate on-site behavioral data
with transaction & purchase data, and make the result easy to
use. The more accessible data is to everyone in the
company, the more decisions get made with good analytical support.
2. Build forecasting simulation tools for long-lead products. We make
our products (from soap-dispensing sponge wands to coconut body
lotion) and need an increasingly sophisticated peek into the future
to make the right amount of product at the right time.
3. Create segmentation tools for marketing to bucket customers into
groups that should get very different on-site experiences.
4. Build out our on-site content management story; how can different
parts of the company contribute content in a maintainable,
consistent way?
5. Revisit the way we do product search. The current approach gives
very high quality, personalized results, but is slow (~450ms). What
are the right tradeoffs to get better performance while not
compromising quality?
6. We need a lead scoring engine to quickly evaluate marketing channel
quality. Should we use an off-the-shelf solution or build it

You like solving real problems, and seeing your code live on the
web. You know to think clearly about tradeoffs. You know to ask why
and are the person who discovers that, when someone is asking for a
shovel, maybe they really need a hole.

We primarily speak Python (with Django) and ES6 JavaScript. If you
know that stuff already, great. If you know comparable languages and
frameworks, that's fine too - the metaphors are all the same.

We write tests, we contribute to open source (and create a lot of it
see, we practice continuous integration &
deployment (a typical day sees 5+ production deploys), and we focus
on shipping working software with measurable outcomes.

The Culture

Our culture is defined by mutual respect for colleagues, working
together for common goals, and getting things done. We celebrate real
revenue milestones, not raising venture funding. We are a B Corp and
believe our duty to the community, our environment, and our employees (we pay competitively, ensure everyone has equity, and a generous benefits package)
are as important as our duties to shareholders. We have 2 office dogs
in our beautiful, sunlit loft space on Union Street in Cow Hollow.

We've grown 4x in the past year, and plan on doing it again this
year. It's a heck of a lot of fun, and we'd love to tell you more
about it.

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What We're Building

Grove Collaborative makes it easy for busy families to create a healthy, beautiful environment in their homes.

We've built the first replenishment service focused exclusively on natural & sustainable home goods. Our subscription-only marketplace features conscientious products from national brands like Seventh Generation, method, Mrs. Meyers, and our own brand, Grove Collaborative. Users quickly create custom subscriptions, personalize their delivery schedule, and receive a personal Grove Guide, who customizes product recommendations and ensures a great customer experience.

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Jordan Savage
Design and Brand Lead, Co- founder at Grove Collaborative. Brand and Marketing @GoodbySilverstein&Partners
Chris Clark
Cofounder @Grove Collaborative , Director Product & Engineering @Kaggle, Creator of Django SQL Explorer, Product Manager @Blackbaud
Andrew Silard
Growth marketer with strong performance background. Building up the Grove Marketing team - come check us out - we're doing lots of fun stuff!
Alexandra Crane
Senior Manager, Brand @Grove Collaborative
Maria Farley
Community Management Specialist
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Our Investors

Nick Ogden
Managing Partner of Clear Blue Equity
Steven Roussey
Architecture @Weebly ; Platform @Weebly ; & Commerce @Weebly. Firebug contributor. Creator of Illuminations. Founder of Network54. Advisor. Investor. Hacker.
Dag Ainsoo
Founder and CEO @ System Capital
Dmitry Belotserkovsky
software dev. build a successful business. Initially company was working on pure enthusiasm .As of today, we are a company of 5 offshore offices in Russia 
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