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"By far my favorite company of the day." ~TNW, 500 Startups Demo Day Read More
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What We're Building

Dropbox makes it easy to share. Groupiter makes it easy to talk about the things you share. By adding discussion to Dropbox—and integrating seamlessly with email and notifications—Groupiter helps anyone take their creative process to the next level.

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Tim Sutcliffe
Design and Engineering. Founder • Worked at @Wikia, @Groupiter • MEng @Imperial College London, MA @The Royal College of Art

Our Investors

Paul Singh
Dad. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Investor. Airstreamer. Past: Founder @disruptioncorp (acq by @1776), Partner @500 Startups, EIR at USCIS / DHS.
Dave Johnson
Director of Engineering @adobe • Co-founder @PhoneGap (acq'd by @Adobe) and @RobotReplay (acq'd by @ForeSee Results) • quantum physics phd ⚛ • lover of ☕️
Dave McClure
Founding Partner @500 Startups (prev: @PayPal, Facebook @fbFund, @Founders Fund ). Geek, former developer, entrepreneur, marketing, ultimate frisbee, sith lord.
Vivian F. Wang
Tech-optimist, wireless solutions hunter, cultural translator, PE investor. Long-time member of the Investment Team at Sasson Capital.
Andre Charland
Founder @PhoneGap @RobotReplay, @Nitobi Software • Worked at @Adobe Systems • Investor @Groupiter, @Toshl Finance • Ski Bum with a Job.
Rusty Rueff
Past CEO SNOCAP & EVP @ EA. Invest/Advise @ early stage. BOD: Glassdoor/HireVue/1-Page and others. Author of "Talent Force". POTUS Advisory Cmmt on Arts.
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