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UI/UX Designer at Gridwise

Pittsburgh · Full Time

Gridwise (Techstars Mobility '17) is a mobility startup that is creating solutions to improve the efficiency of on-demand rideshare fleets. As mobility is rapidly changing, Gridwise is looking to improve the ecosystem through its data-driven solutions created to help human & autonomous rideshare drivers best know when and where to drive.  We are seeking motivated individuals to help us capture this massive opportunity as a leading provider of on-demand mobility solutions.  We encourage you to join us for the ride if you value the opportunity to make a huge impact on the mobility ecosystem of the future!transportation solutions to society.

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Job Description

Gridwise, a mobility tech startup headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is looking for a highly motivated individual who is seeking the excitement and rapid pace of a startup to join our core team as a UI/UX Designer.

Gridwise is a mobile software platform which empowers rideshare (Uber/Lyft/etc.) and taxi drivers by providing data-driven insights to increase their efficiency and earnings on the road. Drivers use our application to help them know where and when are the best times and places to drive, allowing them to effectively plan ahead as well as make better decisions on the road. More informed decision-making by drivers enables them to find more trips and increase their earnings.

As a recent participant in the AlphaLab and Techstars programs, Gridwise is looking to expand its team to achieve its next set of product and business milestones. This is a great opportunity for the right candidate to be part of the core team at an early stage startup, contributing significantly to the success of the company in a critical role.

As a core member of an early stage company, the candidate will be required to wear a variety of hats in order to tackle whatever challenges may arise in growing the startup.

As a UI/UX Designer at Gridwise, you will:

- Lead the UX/UI initiatives for the mobile app, website, and marketing materials to help reach business milestones.
- Incorporate user feedback and data analytics to create new or improve existing features.
- Work within a cross functional team, working with both technical & non-technical functions of the company.
- Work weekly with users testing UX/UI concepts through in-person and remote sessions.
- Develop graphic, mobile, and web assets to support product and marketing functions.
-Understand the rideshare driver UX inside and out. It is highly encouraged to drive for at least one rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft.

Desired skills and traits for the ideal candidate include:

- Prior entrepreneurial and/or startup experience
- Experience designing and delivering UI/UX solutions for native mobile applications
- Well versed in iOS and Android native conventions and patterns, as well as HTML & CSS.
- Experience working with Sketch, Adobe Suite, and prototyping platforms such as Invision.
- Experience working with software engineers, product managers, and marketers
-Experience in project management and project mgmt tools (Smartsheets, Trello, Asana)
-Analytical thinker, able to think outside of the box
-Fast learner, scrappy, and very self-motivated
-Can iterate quickly based on feedback and move at the rapid pace start-ups require.
-Very organized

If you’re interested in this opportunity and feel you’d be a great fit for our team, please fill out the application form at the following link:

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