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Hiver turns your Gmail into a Simple, Powerful collaboration tool

# Work on a world class, highly rated business app used by thousands of companies globally
# A great team to work with, and an awesome, well located office in Bangalore
# A relaxed, fun working environment where all that matters is your work
# All meals while you're in office.

What We're Building

Hiver lets teams do customer support, sales, hiring and project management right from their Gmail.

Hiver is used at thousands of companies daily, and is one of the highest rated apps on the Google Apps marketplace. Here's what you can do with Hiver:

1. Share your Gmail labels
2. Assign emails as tasks, and track them effortlessly
3. Write notes on emails which can be shared
4. Create and share email templates
5. Build workflows for support, sales, hiring and project management

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Open Positions


Nitesh Nandy
IIT, B.Tech, Computer Sc. Built entire video platform for almost alone.
Krishna Khowal
Web Developer, Java Developer, PHP, Microsoft Technologies etc.
Eshwar Ramesh
iOS Engineer, pragmatic and effective, excited to work with startups, likes to work on products with potential, wants to contribute to open source.
Akshay Singh
Web Developer.
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Our Investors

Bhupesh Bansal
Early engineer at Linkedin, Tellapart and now leading Data engineering teams at Groupon also invests in good opportunities.
Indus Khaitan
Co-Founder/@BitzerMobile (sold to Oracle). CTO/SezWho. Founder/Tejit (sold to Sezwho). Founding Partner/Morpheus (seed vc). Symantec/Veritas. CompSc/Birla Instt
Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Partner at One97 Mobility Fund
John McIntyre
Managing Director, Kauffman Fellows Network
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