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Lead Engineer at Greo

Palo Alto · Full Time

We are an early-stage venture located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Since successfully securing pre-seed funding, our team has built out our iOS beta and is actively raising our seed round. You would join our team at a pivotal moment in our young company’s lifespan. We are looking for our first hire, an agile full-stack developer and aspiring entrepreneur who is excited to join our new grad 3-person team (ex-Stanford, ex-Google, ex-Pinterest). As a team of color, we strive for diversity and believe in disrupting the homogeneity of Silicon Valley.

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Job Description


As one of our first technical team members, we would want you to be a key player in building and leading a strong engineering team.

You would work on full-stack technical projects ranging from scaling out our architecture to building our native mobile and mobile web platforms.


What you’ll need

Experience and passion for working across the stack and building scalable, cross-platform products

Ability to learn and apply new frameworks, languages, and technologies very quickly

Passion for developing rich mobile consumer-facing apps

Strong product sense and and willingness to contribute to our product design and strategic vision

Ability to move fast, iterate quickly, and design diverse, hacky solutions to solve our problems

Enjoy equity and influence in a dynamic pre-Series A company


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What We're Building

Greo is a mobile video platform designed to enhance millennials’ online conversation. We came together with the mission of building technologies that empower everyone to discover, create, and exchange meaningful ideas to awaken a more just world. Under today’s political climate, a lot of our focus has shifted to spaces, to building an online community that crowdsources knowledge and empathy, and advances both conversation and action. Our goal is to build for the people that are often left forgotten when designing for innovation.

Greo Team

Elizabeth Davis
Co-Founder & CTO of @Greo • Worked at @Google, @Pinterest • Studied CS at @Stanford University
Brandon Hill
Co-founder & CEO @Greo • Co-founder @Enza Academy • Worked @The White House and @YouTube • Former student body VP @Stanford University
Tre Kirkman
Co-founder & CPO @Greo, Stanford Public Policy, formerly @Google and @Mozilla