Greg Wehmeyer

Serial Co-Founder & Startup Facilitator. I excel at ideating, planning, designing, building, communicating, changing and exiting.

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What I Do

As a Startup Facilitator, I know how to pair great ideas with great names, build teams, perfect business plans, develop brands, create responsive interfaces, manage social media, initiate urban marketing tactics, manage change events and oversee exit strategies... i.e. make life easier for founders.


Tasked with turning Public Compliance Company, Inc. into, my role was to transform a 20th century brick and mortar company with an exclusive reputation into an interactive, web-based investment experience for today’s 21st century micro-traders - an effort that helped quadruple’s valuation in just its second year.

What I'm Looking For

Seeking startups to team with collaboratively for rapid launch, who share a passion for the long view, versus the early exit. With immediate access to over 250 fellow designers, developers & founder/advisors at, I can quickly gather talent around needs to expedite products to market.