Greg Flores

Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Co-founder of Autospies. Business Development/Investor: Animusic, PhotoCulture, @SparkCrowd. Advisor Saambaa.

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What I Do

Highly accomplished senior management professional and Co-founder of with 15+ years of proven experience in contributing to sales, business development, strategic partnership, and all aspects of revenue generation.

Achievements -

• Lead growth of company net revenue from $600K to $80M annually.

• Developed online advertising model from infancy.

• Personally guided and closed deals with Heineken, Real Networks, Best Buy, Guitar Center, Philips, Intel, Coca-Cola, and Rolling Stone, resulting in millions of dollars in net revenue.

Autospies -

Co-founded leading source for inside car information. Helped create and expand business model, prospected and pitched potential advertisers and reviewed acquisition documents. Co-led the formation of the advertising sales and business plans.

Animusic -

• Helped drive growth of DVD sales from 100K+ to 700K+ units.

• Negotiated retail distribution deals resulting in $2M+ net revenue to company.

• Closed license deals with NVIDIA, Intel, Texas Instruments, and others resulting in incremental net revenue.

• Executed co-marketing license agreements with National Guitar Museum, Screenvision, Tektronix, Arenaplex, PlayNetwork, and others.

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