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Name your price for products (YC S14)

Greentoe is a Y Combinator, Fundersclub, and 500 startups backed startup. 

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What We're Building

Greentoe is a a next generation e-commerce marketplace that enables consumers to "name your price" on the products they want to buy. Created to change the way people shop, Greentoe shakes up the traditional retail model by putting consumers in the driver’s seat. They make an offer to buy a product at a specific price, Greentoe then notifies a network of certified retailers to see if anyone is willing to accept the offer. Using the service consumers are often able to undercut Amazon prices by more 10-15%.

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Greentoe Team

Joe Marrapodi
CEO/Co-Founder - Name your price for products • Founder, Get Rare! - I have been doing the internet marketing thing since 97. It is still fun for me.

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