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Growth Hacker at GreedyGame

Bengaluru · Full Time
GreedyGame is a squad of 30+ ninjas, established by two enthusiastic IITians with a tenacious mission: to revolutionize mobile advertising within gaming. We can assure you the following: 1) You will consistently work on solving hard challenges. 2) You will work directly with the founders - no bureaucracy. 3) We love people who get their hands dirty. Everyone will be a hands-on contributor. 4) We love open source and community development. We encourage and support your involvement in open source communities. Read More
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Job Description

At GreedyGame, we are revolutionizing the way the world looks at mobile advertising. Every day, 2 million+ users get to enjoy a seamless and beautiful gaming experience because of our platform. We are looking for driven, forward-thinking, problem solvers to make this system bigger and better.

GreedyGame is a platform which enables blending of ads within mobile gaming experience using assets like background, characters, power-ups. It helps advertisers engage audiences while they are playing games and empowers game developers to monetize their game development efforts through non-intrusive advertising.

We are looking for Growth Hacker who can:

Key Roles / Responsibilities:

Branding and Positioning: Help research, define, and shape the GreedyGame brand to best represent our solutions to a variety of stakeholders.

Marketing Project Management: You’ll be responsible for 1) management of all creative resources including designers, writers, and other agency personnel 2) planning and execution of key marketing initiatives, and 3) tracking KPIs and ensuring success for all marketing programs

Content Strategy: Work closely with our Content Marketing team to develop our end-to-end content marketing strategy, including doing a deep dive into our product to understand the industry pulse, stakeholder personas, brand positioning, etc and cast GreedyGame as thought leaders in our industry through compelling content and client interactions.

A/B Testing & Optimization: Conduct ongoing A/B experiments to optimize our customer interactions (ex: through website landing pages, collateral changes, etc) for higher engagement levels, and make data-driven strategy suggestions.

Segmentation and Marketing Automation: Help segment and target our pipeline prospects in more personalized and meaningful ways (through our website, livechat, emails, etc) by defining personas, scoring leads, researching and implementing marketing automation tools, and executing personalized inbound / outbound strategies.

SEO Strategy: Help execute our organic search strategy to rank for a host of relevant key-terms through a combination of whitehat on-page and off-page SEO tactics. This will require an in-depth knowledge of the SEO lifecycle including keyword research & SEO opportunity analysis, content strategy, link-building, the use of analytics tools to track rank and user engagement metrics, and more.

SEM Strategy: Research and implement PPC campaigns through Adwords, retargeting campaigns, and otherwise that drive meaningful client conversions.

Email Marketing: Help write and distribute our newsletter to key stakeholders while maintaining a clean and up-to-date email list and ensuring high deliverability.

PR: Help identify, grow, and manage press opportunities for GreedyGame including maintaining a clear press target list, identifying press interests, doing outreach, and establishing key relationships.

Content & Sales Collateral: Assist our Content Marketing team in creating all content (e.g. sales enablement collateral including decks, case studies, product videos, website copy, blog posts, press releases, emailers, Quora/forum responses, etc) that help articulate the benefits of our platform to the world. You’ll also assist members of our sales team with custom presentations to wow our prospects.


Experience: 2-3 years of relevant experience in digital strategy including content strategy, editing, analytics, social media marketing, branding/positioning, SEO, SEM, PR management, .

Left Brain / Right Brain Growth Hacker: This role requires a strong balance of left brain activities (the ability to quickly analytics that guide strategy) and right brain activities (turning complex ideas into elegant stories, expressed through great writing and design)

Data Driven: You live for analytics, and have experience executing campaigns that tie back to reportable metrics, leaning on the numbers to guide the path forward.

Excellent Communicator: At the same you are a wordsmith with a perfect command of the English language! You can distil complex ideas into elegant stories that capture attention and drive action.

Deep Understanding of Technology: We have a technical product so a background in engineering or previous work experience in technical or enterprise marketing is highly preferred.

Eye for Design: We are putting together attractive collateral, so this role requires that high quality design is weaved into every piece of outgoing content. Experience with graphics tools like Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc is highly

Understanding of Modern SEO: You are up-to-date with SEO best practices and understand how to tastefully design content with SEO in mind.

Savvy with Content Tools: Experience with tools like WordPress, Google Analytics, Slideshare, Buffer or HootSuite, and other content tools.

Project management skills: and understanding how to manage the priorities of multiple stakeholders in a complex environment and focus on the delivery of results in the form of engagement, leads and sales.

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What We're Building

GreedyGame is an in-game native advertising platform that helps brands to tap into their precise target demographic; publishers to monetize their content without the fear of compromising on quality or losing their audience base; and end-users to enjoy games seamlessly, without annoying ads interrupting their gaming experience.

By making use of in-game assets such as backgrounds, characters and power-ups, our platform seamlessly blends ads within the mobile gaming experience. Our dynamic, native ads help advertise engage audiences while they are playing mobile games, empowers game developers to monetize their game development efforts through non-intrusive advertising, and allows gamers to enjoy gaming content without having to deal with distractive advertising.

GreedyGame believes in making ad experience enriching, engaging and, most importantly, non-intrusive. It's a great place to work and leave an impact.
At GreedyGame we have taken the daunting challenge to change the narrative of advertising from being interruptive & intrusive to be engaging and beautiful within games. I get to take on audacious goals and complete ownership & freedom to get a fair shot to achieve those goals. And even if I fail we celebrate it & encouragement to try again learning from the failures. Come join us if you want to get on the rocket without worrying about the aisle or the window seat but enjoy the ride!
Working at GreedyGame has given me an opportunity to truly and wholly own every aspect of my job function. The sky is never the limit and there is always room for improvement and that's exactly how we learn to get better at what we do here. Greedygame has everything that a start up can offer, especially a unique product and a kickass clan to be a part of!
If you are a tech guy and looking for rapid growth in terms of knowledge and problem solving skills, greedygame is the place for you. Even though a lot of startups focus on getting things done quickly and putting in hacks to solve problems quickly, here at greedygame we focus on writing quality code which is maintainable, even if it takes more time and effort. We do not compromise on quality for quantity. You get to work with amazing co workers who make you feel comfortable and keep things as informal as possible, while maintaining structure. The workplace gives you a feeling that you are here to follow your passion rather than doing a job to make some money. Fresh ideas are always encouraged and actual effort is put into validating those ideas.
GreedyGame tries to solve a very interesting problem in the AdTech space with its own innovative ad formats. I have had a lot of fun tinkering and optimising systems and run them at scale.
Constantly pushed to work on new challenges and new technologies, if you want to be. If you are not comfortable about a decision, you can discuss about that with your team leads. About the team, you could see highly trained ninjas who can DO things ahead of the curve. About the office, office is mostly filled with whole lot of fruits and chats. Saturday socials are something interesting about this company.
- Employee-centric firm, genuinely cares for its employees - Approachable leadership - Offers a good range of work/projects, enabling employees to gain in-depth knowledge and experience across a range of industries/capabilities - A very positive vibe across the office, that promotes great bonding and one-ness. - Opportunity to work with some great minds and learn from them
It's always motivating to have the young and energetic team to work with. Every day is new learning and result reflects the growth rate.
When you work with a set of highly motivated and competitive minds is when you truly understand how much you can push yourself. That's what working at GreedyGame is all about for me.
Working in this company is truly amazing and it's really a good experience working here. You have to go through some really fun and challenging assignments. Also the people here are really cooperative and helpful and are always available for help. Apart from work, there are also some cool activities which build's one's confidence, communication skills and personality, an overall individual development. If you are passionate, problem solver and the one who is always looking for challenging tasks. This is the perfect place to fulfill your dream.
With a bunch of highly skilled and motivated ninjas, GreedyGame is solving an important problem in AdTech space. There's a great learning environment with loads of tech challenges. Very helpful/humble co-workers and tech heads. It's a great place to work at.
GreedyGame is led by true,natural born leaders who never stop improving.The momentum from the leader inspires all team member and sets the pace of constant success.
Comfortable culture with a learning and productive environment which encourages you to give your best at work everyday, it is really great working at Greedy Game!
The world is swarmed by ads and has found innovative ways to keep annoying people. The idea that pulled me to GreedyGame was the idea of making ads less annoying or better still, making ads that people love, at least in games and as a company we have achieved it to a great extent. GreedyGame has sticked to its vision and is constantly raising the bar higher may it be in tech side, design side or marketing side. It is a great place for anyone seeking knowledge, not only in his domain but of a startup as a whole.
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GreedyGame Team

Arpit Jain
Entrepreneur & Learner, Founder at GreedyGame
Arink Verma
Founder of @GreedyGame, reinventing mobile ads that people love. Headhunting for the team of super hacker and hustler.
siddharth gupta
BITS | Capillary Technologies | GreedyGame | Love for all things Mobile
Nimish Pande
Ad Tech Enthusiast
Rachit Malik
Currently working at GreedyGame Media.I handle mobile game publishers/developers from all around the world.I am responsible for strategic partnerships and sales
Creative Designer, UI/UX Designer, Game Designer
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What does GreedyGame have to offer in terms of workplace culture?
The workplace culture here at GreedyGame is a fun yet challenging one. Every single day there is a new opportunity, something new to learn. We have a team of tenacious and creative peers, a kitchen stacked up with food, a cool work space with some comfortable bean bags and we take the weekends off to relax after a long week of hard work. However, the last Saturday of every month, we get together to discuss what we have achieved, after which we either head out or stay in, but we can promise you – it’s always something exciting! The best thing about the culture here is the respect that every individual has for the other, no one is above or beneath anyone. At GreedyGame, we treat our colleagues as friends."
Archishaa Mehra
HR Generalist at GreedyGame since 2017
What type of management and leadership style can one expect at GreedyGame?
The management here at GreedyGame is very flexible, and every team member works directly with the founders. We defy bureaucracy in the company. The leadership style one can expect is participative, wherein input of team members and peers is respected and considered. This style of leadership boosts morale because Team members make contributions to the decision-making process. Every opinion matters. When a company needs to make changes within the organization, the participative leadership style helps team members accept changes easily because they play a role in the process."
Archishaa Mehra
HR Generalist at GreedyGame since 2017
At GreedyGame, is there any room to work on personal projects/ideas?
Apart from striving to achieve our professional goals and objectives every single day at GreedyGame, we believe that working on our personal growth and development is of utmost importance. We set our career goals and objectives for every quarter of the year, but we set aside 30% of those objectives to grow ourselves as individuals in other areas. Team members are always encouraged to develop their personal projects and get an opportunity to showcase it to the entire team. Other activities such as arts, fine arts or even taking up a hobby and turning that into a skill is also practiced. We believe that when we are able to achieve something for ourselves, we achieve better anywhere and everywhere else."
Archishaa Mehra
HR Generalist at GreedyGame since 2017
What kind of career growth can one expect at GreedyGame?
GreedyGame is a young company at its initial stages with a team of 30+ people. One can expect a phenomenal growth in terms of their career. Every day we learn something new from one another and there are always new opportunities that come our way. Since we’re only a small team, one can expect to work directly with the founders as well as learn and adapt to new technical skills and languages from them and their peers. One can also expect climbing up the ladder and reaching a managerial or senior role very soon, if they show consistency and commitment in their performance."
Archishaa Mehra
HR Generalist at GreedyGame since 2017
What are the milestones and achievements GreedyGame has achieved recently in terms of scale and revenue?
In terms of scale, very recently we achieved beyond 200 million ad requests per month, this means that we are generating roughly 1 billion minutes of engaging and appealing advertising opportunities for brands across the world within games. We were ecstatic to have been able to achieve this and it was a proud moment for all of us. In terms of revenue, from October 2016 to March 2017 there was a 50% increase in revenue, and from January 2016 to March 2017 there was a 3X increase in revenue, and we couldn’t be happier about the growth and development we’re seeing here at GreedyGame!"
Archishaa Mehra
HR Generalist at GreedyGame since 2017
What is the current team size and set up like at GreedyGame?
GreedyGame is a young company, established by Arpit Jain, CEO and Arink Verma, CTO. It began its journey in 2013. We are still in the initial stages, but are already a team of 33 strong and talented members. Times Internet, a leading media company in India, and top business and technology entrepreneurs from Flipkart are our mentors and investors at GreedyGame. We are based in India (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi) and Indonesia dreaming of only getting bigger and better!"
Archishaa Mehra
HR Generalist at GreedyGame since 2017
What is the future and vision of GreedyGame?
Our CEO says, “We are very proud that we are among the very few companies globally which are creating true-view native programmatic supply on gaming. We aim to make mobile gaming the most premium and brand safe content for advertisers to invest their marketing resources.”
Archishaa Mehra
HR Generalist at GreedyGame since 2017
What kind of people we are looking for to join our clan at GreedyGame?
We are looking for driven, forward-thinking, problem solvers to make this system bigger and better. At GreedyGame, you will be working with tenacious and creative peers. You will also be strongly encouraged to work on personal/side projects that fuel your passion, develop your skills and master your hobbies. You can find out all about our job openings here."
Archishaa Mehra
HR Generalist at GreedyGame since 2017

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