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GreedyGame is a squad of 25+ ninjas, established by two enthusiastic IITians with a tenacious mission: to revolutionize mobile advertising within gaming. We can assure you the following: 1) You will consistently work on solving hard challenges. 2) You will work directly with the founders - no bureaucracy. 3) We love people who get their hands dirty. Everyone will be a hands-on contributor. 4) We love open source and community development. We encourage and support your involvement in open source communities. Read More
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Job Description

What we do

At GreedyGame, we are revolutionizing the way the world looks at mobile advertising. Every day, 2 million+ users get to enjoy a seamless and beautiful gaming experience because of our platform. We are looking for driven, forward-thinking, problem solvers to make this system bigger and better.

GreedyGame is a platform which enables blending of ads within mobile gaming experience using assets like background, characters, power-ups. It helps advertisers engage audiences while they are playing games and empowers game developers to monetize their game development efforts through non-intrusive advertising.

We are looking for a data engineer who will help us make sense of the vast amount of available data in order to make smarter decisions and develop high-quality products.

Experience and skills required to do what you love at GreedyGame:

Coding experience in Python, MySQL, NoSQL, REST and building prototypes for algorithms.
Passionate and curious to learn the latest trends, methods, and technologies in this field.

You will be working on:

Building required statistical models and heuristics to predict, optimize, and guide various aspects of our business based on available data
Interacting with product and operations teams to identify gaps, questions, and issues for data analysis and experiment
Developing and coding software programs, algorithms and create automated processes which cleanse, integrate and evaluate large datasets from multiple sources
Creating systems to use data from user behavior to identify actionable insights. Convey these insights to product and operations teams from time to time.
Helping in redefining ad viewing experience for consumers on a global scale

Why GreedyGame?

You have an opportunity to be a part of the big disruption that we are creating in the ad-tech space by solving some very hard and unique problems. You will be working with tenacious and creative peers. You will also be surprised with some insane activities that will help you unwind. This is a prospect you definitely don’t want to miss out on, so apply now!

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What We're Building

GreedyGame is an in-game native advertising platform that helps brands to tap into their precise target demographic; publishers to monetize their content without the fear of compromising on quality or losing their audience base; and end-users to enjoy games seamlessly, without annoying ads interrupting their gaming experience.

By making use of in-game assets such as backgrounds, characters and power-ups, our platform seamlessly blends ads within the mobile gaming experience. Our dynamic, native ads help advertise engage audiences while they are playing mobile games, empowers game developers to monetize their game development efforts through non-intrusive advertising, and allows gamers to enjoy gaming content without having to deal with distractive advertising.

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