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Experiential Marketing Platform for Brands, Restaurants, and Bars

Gratafy’s growing team of immensely talented, all-around awesome people is located just north of Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. We focus on the trifecta of 1) passion-inspired work that we truly love and believe in, 2) only building products and focusing resources on projects that we know can some day become the best in the world, and 3) creating a company that, based on our passion and product expertise, can eventually generate profits to sustain and grow the business. Combined, we are a flat, lean, fast-moving machine. And apparently we can rhyme, too. Read More
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What We're Building


Gratafy’s mission is to provide our customers and merchant partners with the power to share the world’s best restaurant and hospitality experiences in meaningful ways never previously possible.

Consumer Product

Gratafy's core gifting product allows friends, clients and coworkers to purchase and send individual menu items (cocktails, wine, beer, desserts, appetizers) and gift certificates from the best local restaurants and bars in town.

Merchant and Brand Partner Products (New)

With the recent release of Gratafy Valet, our merchant-facing marketing toolkit, Gratafy now allows merchants to send gifts en masse to their loyal patrons (Campaign Gifting) as well as embed Gratafy's technology right on their websites and Facebook pages (Widgets) allowing visitors to view and purchase gifts without leaving the site.

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Ryan Halper
COO/Founder, @Gratafy; Founder Cynnex Networks, 2002, named to Cisco’s Executive SBA Board. Univ. Washington, dual major - Information Systems, Finance.
Brian Erke
CEO/Founder of @Gratafy, an experience-based social gifting startup. Wharton MBA, 2011 in Strat. Mgmt. Oaktree Capital, Associate; Credit Suisse, Analyst.
Nate Georgeson
Mobile developer @Gratafy. Mobile, computer vision, games, electronics, and anything related to building cool stuff.
Zack Smith
Passionate technology guru, developer, and jargon de-mystifier
Jeffery Hayes
Director of Merchant Technology, Gratafy Marketing Systems Manager, Restaurants Unlimited, Inc.
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Our Investors

Rudy Gadre
Former general counsel of @Facebook, VP Legal at @Amazon. Active angel investor focusing on Seattle-area startups.