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Granify knows which shoppers aren't going to buy and changes their minds.

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What We're Building

Granify is the fastest and most impactful way for a retailer to increase their conversion rate and revenue. On top of this, there's almost no work required by the retailer and it's completely risk free.

We use machine learning to automatically decipher actionable patterns from a firehose of real-time shopper data --- over 1.5 trillion data points per month. With this information, we're able to determine which shoppers aren't going to buy and take action to change their minds --- before they leave one of our retailers' sites.

We completed our Series A funding in early 2015 with Valar Ventures.

We won Best E-Commerce Solution and Best Digital Startup at the 2014 DAA Awards.

We're backed by early investors in Alibaba, AirBnB, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Palantir, Yelp and others. Our brilliant investors have a track record of correctly betting on game changing companies at the early stages and we're proud to be part of this group!

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The culture here at Granify encourages collaboration and experimentation. I can get involved in so many aspects of our business. The entire team is incredibly motivated to succeed; being surrounded by such driven colleagues is inspiring and pushes me to do my best every day.
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Open Positions


Jeff Lawrence
Co-founder & CEO of @Granify. Founder of Bloro (exit 2008). Founder of Precision Targeting (exit 2005).
Stefan Frank
International Business Development @Granify. Worked for @Airbnb Germany and @Trakken.
Brady Cassidy
Director of Product @Granify. Fmr Director of Growth. Dual masters: MBA, Digital Marketing. Fmr genetic engineer.
Kingston Fung
Developer since 2002. "Tests for Geeks" Scores : 97% JavaScript, 90% HTML+CSS+JS. Can do full stack dev, can learn new languages/frameworks super fast.
Heather Whyte
Marketing Manager, People @Granify. Worked for @AIESEC Mexico and @AIESEC Rwanda. Graduated from @University of Ottawa.

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