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Grain is Restaurant 2.0. Our mission is to understand everyone's food preferences and make great food accessible for everyone. We are an online restaurant that leverages data and a tech-enabled distribution network to serve food to customers. Read More

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Yi Sung Yong
Currently building things at Grain. Former founder at Method, One Cent Movement and management consultant at Accenture.
Ernest Sim
Co-Founder, CTO at Grain
Rifeng Gao
Co-founder of Grain. Former management consultant at Bain.
Isaac Tan
Apprenticed under Gordon Ramsay’s protégé, cooked for Arrested Development, Slum Village and Fat Joe, and previously managed four restaurants under WWWconcept.
Terence Yeo
COO@Grain. City Lead@Sofar Sounds. Worked across Europe, America and Asia in various roles spanning Fortune 500 companies, government and non-profits.
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