Grailed & Heroine

Jobs at Grailed & Heroine

At Grailed and Heroine, we are committed to building quality marketplaces and communities for luxury goods.

What We're Building

Grailed and Heroine are luxury marketplaces with passionate communities.

Jobs at Grailed & Heroine

Grailed & Heroine Team

Arun Gupta
current: founder at Grailed prev: co-founder at @WakeMate, yc summer 09. yale university '13
Julian Connor
Cofounder @Grailed & Heroine 6th employee @Venmo
Nathalie Rodriguez
Talent & HR at Start ups and tech companies
Alexander Emamnuel
Software Engineer, Passionate about building delightful user experiences through technology. Experienced in Android , Ruby on Rails, UI/UX development
Laura Willming
Working with early stage companies to help build the foundation of their organizations, operations, and cultures.
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Grailed & Heroine Investors

Chris Paik
Some dude at @ThriveCapital.
Shreyans Bhansali
I care. Founder/CTO @SocraticOrg. 1st at @Venmo
Natalie Hwang
VC @ Simon Ventures

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