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Front End/UI developer at Graffiti dba DateAha!

Ann Arbor, Detroit, Chicago, Remote · Cofounder

For years men have gotten away with terrible behavior in online dating because there has been little to no accountability for their actions. They could be as rude, sexually aggressive and inappropriate as they liked because their online dating profile was insulated from feedback.
Until now.
We don’t agree there should be a safe space for inappropriate behavior online and that the voices of women should be heard online as well as offline. That is why we created DateAha! - the first online commenting platform that works with every online dating website and allows everyone’s voice to be heard.
The feedback and comments from DateAha! users will force men to act more responsibly and respectfully or they will no longer be able to use the dating site for preying on women. Even just the fear of feedback for the first time will force online daters to behave better, force more transparency (the end of 10 year old photos!) and help users identify who is really serious about a relationship and who is just wasting everyone’s time.
In the last year we’ve already come a long way in helping women call out bad behavior in real life - DateAha!’s mission is to take that effort to the online dating world and make it safer, saner and more civil for everyone.

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Job Description

Be a part of a revolution in online dating. DateAha! - powered by our Graffiti platform - brings transparency, accountability and civility to online dating by driving out the liars, fakes, bullies and bad actors.

We are seeking an experienced Front End developer that wants to take ownership of the most valuable part of our revolutionary product. You enjoy a large degree of creative control and input on the development of the product. You want to join an early stage startup and put yourself to the task of making it successful.

Graffiti is a web-app, browser extension hybrid. We also develop and maintain our website.

This is a part-time, equity only position that could lead to full-time and paid after our first round of funding. We are seeking someone passionate about our mission to make online dating safer and saner.

Remote is only okay initially until we either enter an Accelerator program for a few months and/or we get funding and it becomes a full-time paid position.

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What We're Building

For years men have gotten away with rude, sexually aggressive and inappropriate behavior because their online dating profile was insulated from feedback.

DateAha! brings transparency, accountability and civility to online dating to make it safer and more trusted for users. It also facilitates free or very low cost messaging between users to avoid the $10 - $40/month fee dating websites charge for communication.

The MVP is a chrome extension based on our Graffiti technology that allows users to anonymously posts comments and messages on top of any online dating profile and to see the messages posted by other users. The premium version ($.99/month) allows for alerts when your profile has graffiti posted and private DMs between users.
An App version will be available this Fall that will be persistently available when using dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

DateAha!’s mission is to take the MeToo effort to the online dating world and make it safer and saner for everyone.

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