Graeme Thickins

Marketing consultant/startup advisor/founding team member. Experience spans 3 decades, 4 bus cycles, 125 startups. Strong relationship focus/extensive networks.

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What I Do

I've been serving technology startups for 25+ years, and currently have 8 companies in my client portfolio. I add value by making industry connections, facilitating introductions, and providing counsel in marketing, branding, and launch, including messaging, content development, PR/communications.


Built a consulting business dedicated to early-stage tech startups, helping more than 150 of them over three decades achieve success and, collectively, create billions in shareholder value. Many of my early-stage clients have gone on to be acquired, and two I worked with pre-IPO, each reaching hundreds of millions in market cap.

What I'm Looking For

Founders who seek an advisor and/or marketing partner with a track record helping tech startups across all categories achieve success. Strong experience in mobile, social, apps, cloud, data.