Graeme Barlow

CEO of @RocketOwl. 1st tech startup at 10 years old, sold when I was 16. Ex Professional Gamer. Passionate youth leader and public speaker.

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What I Do

I have lived and breathed virtual goods and currency since 2001. It's a passion and an interest and I try and focus that experience on creating meaningful value behind virtual goods in games. My primary role is helping bring the right people to the table to solve a problem.


When I was 10 I started a company with 6 online friends called Snow Currency, we sold in-game currency on ebay. Over 5 years we built the company from simple farming on our own time to writing and maintaining fully autonomous bots for World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, Lineage, and Everquest. Ultimately in 2006 we sold the assets to one of the asian distributors we were working with at the time for just under $1M. I was 16 when we sold.