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Grade paper assignments in half the time, with analytics.

Learning has been assessed in the same way for decades: instructors give out paper-based assignments, tediously grade them by hand, and return them to students. With this process, instructors gain little insight into their students’ knowledge. Simply measuring how often a specific mistake is made requires painstaking tallying. Answering the question “What concepts are my students struggling with?” is practically impossible. Read More
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What We're Building

Gradescope enables big data for education by moving grading online. Instructors can grade paper-based assignments in half the time, and see rich analytics about their questions and students. In the works: programming project autograding, AI for assisted grading, creating and sharing questions and projects, and more. We've been used to grade over 5M pages of work at 120+ schools.

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Gradescope Team

Arjun Singh
Founder Gradescope • @University of California Berkeley PhD
Pieter Abbeel
Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley Research Scientist, OpenAI Co-Founder Gradescope
Ibrahim Awwal
Founder @Gradescope. BS UC Berkeley, MS UC San Diego.
Sergey Karayev
Founder @Gradescope • Computer Vision PhD @Berkeley
Dibyo Majumdar
Berkeley EECS, Leader and full-stack software engineer; researching in Database Management Systems at Berkeley.
Dawn Cardon Garrison
Stanford Econ, MBA, MA Edu. Entrepreneur focused on education technology. Experienced product manager, analytical marketer, strategy and operations executive.
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Gradescope Investors

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