Software Developer at GovInvest

Los Angeles · Full Time

Job Description

The Software Developer is responsible for translating standard and plan-specific algorithms into high performance executable code within a focused framework. Working within a specialist team and depending on individual knowledge and abilities, you will take part in implementing specifications with tests and executable code. The position will be based in Los Angeles, but the applicant will only need to be present in the office for the first year of the project – a contract arrangement would be acceptable for non-local applicants, if desired.


We’re seeking individuals with at least a solid foundation in the following:

Proficiency in at least one high performance programming language (C++, Java, optimized Python, Fortran)
A proven ability to implement specialized high performance algorithms
Experience with software engineering approaches including design, performance testing, optimization, version control, unit testing, and documentation
The ability to quickly and rigorously develop testable, high quality software based on evolving specifications
Ability and enthusiasm to quickly pick up additional skills as required
Communicate frequently and effectively in person and using online collaboration tools
A willingness to share knowledge and learn from others in formal and informal processes

Entry and senior level developers are invited to apply; applicants with strengths in the following areas will be prioritized:

Domain knowledge of actuarial methods and financial calculations for pensions and other post-employment benefits
Formal actuarial or related education and experience (mathematics, statistics, finance, or other quantitative fields)
Cluster / GPGPU parallel algorithm development

Please email resume and relevant links to for more information.


Competitive Salary
Opportunity for Equity
Professional Development
Fun, Modern Office

What We're Building

GovInvest is a software company which has built an analytic tool to empower government agencies to better manage their pension, OPEB, and bonded debt liabilities. The software aids governments by producing analysis and required reporting which they would otherwise have to hire an actuarial consultant to do. Further, it is very intuitive and easy to use, and does not require a finance person to be able to use and understand the software.

The value that agencies are finding is multi-faceted: the information used and produced is based on real-time data, and agencies no longer have to wait weeks for an actuary to produce a complicated report; instead, the analysis is done instantaneously in any meeting. This saves time and money normally spent on an actuary. Further, the software is able to convey an otherwise complicated, but important issue to decision-makers and stakeholders.

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