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Good Audience (Techstars London 2014)

Jobs at Good Audience (Techstars London 2014)

Social Media Marketing Pros that integrate tightly into your team

Good Audience is a team of world traveling hustlers and hackers. The ability to get stuff done and achieving results trumps the number of hours you put in. We're in this for the long haul and understand that 16 hour workdays will burn you out quick. The team is fully remote and distributed. So if you NEED to be in an office, we probably wouldn't be a good fit =)

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What We're Building

Good Audience manages all your social media accounts with a dedicated marketing assistant.

We spend many hours a week hand curating content, sharing it across all platforms and growing your social communities! Work with a team of experienced marketers running your social media campaigns at SaaS prices.

Your other options are:
- Going to an expensive digital marketing agency ($4K-$5K-$10K/month to manage all your accounts)
- Hiring a social media intern out of high school or college (no experience in marketing)
- Doing all the work yourself spending 3-4 hours every single day

Say hi to join the family =)

The team has always got my back. Nobody hesitates to take out the trash. We're all on the journey together =)
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Good Audience (Techstars London 2014) Team

Sherman Lee
Founder @Raven Protocol — Decentralized and Distributed Deep Learning. Partner — focused on funding AI/blockchain companies.

Good Audience (Techstars London 2014) Investors

Kevin Dick
Managing Director / Founder, Right Side Capital Management (RSCM)
Jon Bradford
Founding Partner at Motive Partners, Co-Founder of f6s and
Mick Hagen
CEO/Founder @Mainframe // Previously Founder @Zinch (acq by @Chegg). Princeton drop-out. Designer & Developer.
Ryan Spraetz
Problem Solver. I like bouldering, building, coding, and winning. Co-Founder @Keen . Previously technical product manager at @Salesforce. UIUC Engineering.
Kyle Wild
made @Keen and a few other startups • was at @Google Analytics before that • exploring what's next
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