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Scaling AI innovation

Good AI Lab helps teams cross the adoption chasm for artificial intelligence and implement Good AI Practice for massive data problems. We develop the tools researchers need for the next machine learning breakthrough. Read More
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What We're Building

We believe scaling is the biggest challenge in AI research. Our first product, TensorPort, enables teams to easily and rapidly scale data, domain, expertise, algorithms, and computation.

TensorPort is a distributed machine learning platform for TensorFlow which eliminates infrastructure and scalability challenges faced by machine learning researchers. TensorPort integrates workflow and collaboration tools which make it easy for teams to develop and implement TensorFlow or Keras projects.

TensorPort is available on-premise as an enterprise solution or online as a cloud service. We're working on adding even more features that help AI teams and building an online community of users that helps make machine learning more accessible to newcomers, individuals and small teams.

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Jobs at Good AI Lab

Good AI Lab Team

Mohsen Hejrati
Founder and CEO at Good AI Lab, worked at [x] self-driving-car, founded Maktabkhooneh (largest farsi MOOC)
Drew Keller
Rice bioengineering student with wide-ranging skills: design, data processing and modeling, optimization, electronics, communication.

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