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Full Service Marketplace for Consumer Electronics (TechStars Austin '13)

Buying has been easier than selling for way too long. We want to change the the paradigm. With Gone you can bypass all the hassles of selling online; allowing you to spend time doing what you love, and make money getting rid of what you don’t. We’ll take care of the rest.

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What We're Building

According to Nielsen, American households have $3,100 worth of unused purchases hidden in drawers and closets. Gone’s suite of services unlocks this value by removing the research, shipping, and buyer interaction challenges for sellers and delivering riskless, quality-assured used items to buyers.

Sellers simply provide a picture, and Gone intelligently handles pricing, last-mile logistics, warehousing, marketplace listing, and payment processing. Buyers on Gone’s forthcoming marketplace will browse a curated collection of fully inspected and warrantied used items with detailed images and descriptions and significant discounts.

Gone is the only service that manages the entire selling process from dropping off boxes to packaging items, picking up items to selling them for the best price.

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Gone Team

Nico Bayerque
Founder @gone-2. Worked at @Deloitte Consulting. Product Manager. MBA (c). I used to write code.
Iñaki Abete
Founder @Gone
Pablo Orlando
High-Impact Entrepreneur at @Endeavor. TOYP Argentina 2011. MBA. EO Argentina.
Federico Freire
Dev Lead at @gone-2. Techie, but with a solid business point of view.
Steve Rush @5StarVintage. Learning.
Gustavo Lagoutte
IT Professor. VP of Operations at Gone!. Previously at several J&J Franchises through Grupo ASSA. Techie. Love new business trends, and process improvement
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Gone Investors

David Cohen
Founder/CEO of @Techstars. Investor in Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone.
David Wieland
Chairman/CoFounder @IrishAngels 80+investments @Techstars @Influitive @HomeChef @Unsplash @Chime 4x Founder w/ successful exits.
Tihan Seale
Entrepreneurial investor...
Andres Barreto
General Partner & Founder @Firstrock Capital previously: @Socialatom Ventures @Onswipe, @Grooveshark • Investor @Authy, @Bluesmart @Cambly 50+ more.
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