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Technology to solve food waste and end hunger at scale.

Every day in America, we waste 3X more edible food than there are mouths to feed. It is not a lack of food that is the issue, but rather an ineffective distribution of that food. Hunger isn’t a scarcity problem; it's a logistics problem. There's more than enough high-quality, edible food to feed everyone on the planet. We're building technology to fix this complex logistics problem. Read More

What We're Building

At Copia, we know that hunger is not a scarcity problem, it's a logistics problem. We have more than enough food to feed every hungry person on the planet. We're making BIG strides to end hunger and food waste by connecting businesses with excess food to those who need it. In two years, we've redistributed over million pounds of food, recovering $11 million of value that has enabled us to feed an NFL stadium 14 TIMES over. This year, we will feed more than 2 million people.

Our customers include hospitality companies, grocery retailers, corporate cafeterias, universities, hospitals, and sports franchises. These companies use Copia's Prep app to schedule donations and our Analyst Dashboard to track surplus trends and receive actionable insights to make better purchasing and production decisions. Our customers benefit from robust data and analytics; automated tax deductions; and exciting PR, social media, and other marketing materials to celebrate their food recovery efforts with Copia.

Feeding the brave men and women who have so selflessly served our country.
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Jobs at Copia

Copia Team

Komal Ahmad
Founder/CEO Copia; YC Alum; Ex-Googler; Berkeley Grad; Social Entrepreneur of the Year; Toyota Mother of Invention; Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award Recipient
Kelsey Galles
I am a content marketing specialist with an imaginative approach to brand storytelling.
Kevin Jung
Engineering Manager at @Copia
Fernando Delgado
Engineering Manager
Aaron Aguirre
check my Linkedin.
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Copia Investors

Clint Chao
Co-Founder and General Partner of Moment Ventures, an early stage VC in Palo Alto. We invest in startups that reimagine how we work.
Ben Lynett, CFA
Founder of Lynett Capital, an early stage investment firm dedicated to the empowerment of frontier technology in the US and internationally.

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