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Shopify Developer at Aunt Flow

Columbus, Remote · Contract
Toilet paper is offered for free, why aren't tampons and pads? If answering this question excites you, check out our job posting. Read More
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Job Description

Design, update and develop key components to the Aunt Flow website. Contractor position.

MUST have experience with Shopify AND design. MUST be able to create specific elements, develop forms, and manipulate themes to add features.

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What We're Building

Aunt Flow sells our 100% organic cotton menstrual products to businesses, so they can offer them for free in their bathrooms for employees and guests. Aunt Flow's unique brand attracts and retains B2B customers. In addition to our bathroom current offering, we are developing a menstrual product dispenser to mount on the wall of the restroom to free-vend our products.

The dispenser will be available end of 2018.

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(Kinda) New Grad, currently working on improving the state of technology in government. Looking for job opportunities in finance, healthcare, and politics.

Aunt Flow Investors

Brad Hines
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I am Senior Banker with over 15 years of experience in designing innovative business strategies that result in improved productivity and efficiency.
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