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React Native / iOS Engineer at Aero

San Francisco · Full Time

The golden age of flight, with a modern twist.

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Job Description

Aero connects you with the best options in air travel, no matter where you’re going. We have incredible momentum, a beautiful brand, and we’re guided & backed by some of the best voices in travel technology.

About You:

We’re looking for an exceptional developer to join as one of the first engineers of growing team. The ideal candidate is passionate about aviation and strongly believes that existing air travel experiences can and should be improved. Professionally, you've shipped iOS and React Native code in production & are intimately familiar with both React & React Native. You are also knowledgeable in other aspects of the software development process, like continuous integration, continuous deployment, and API design. You realize that in a startup it's important to be versatile, adaptable, and to wear many hats. You should be ready to learn & adjust to new situations as they arise.

Specific Responsibilities of this Role:

This role works primarily on the React Native mobile application, currently available in the App Store. Additionally, we expect you to have the flexibility to jump across the stack to pitch in where needed on either our React web apps, our backend services, or elsewhere. You should be ready to deploy code multiple times a day, iterate quickly, and build with stability in mind alongside the rest of our engineering team.


+ 4+ years of professional web or mobile development experience.
+ 1.5+ years of production experience React Native.
+ Strong bias for action and shipping product.
+ Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we cannot currently support relocation.
+ Legally authorized to work in the United States without visa sponsorship.

Our Values:

+ Raise the bar.
+ Apply rigor.
+ Be yourself.
+ No fake work.
+ Play as a team.
+ Be self-driven.
+ Be direct but kind.
+ Support a balanced life.
+ Assume best intentions.
+ Empathize with users.

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What We're Building

Aero is working on the next big thing in travel. We’re tight-lipped about what we do, but our goal is nothing less than to reimagine the experience of air travel.

Aero is a seed funded company backed by Expa. Expa is startup studio (a company that creates new companies) founded by Garrett Camp, co-founder and Chairman of Uber.

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