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Online venture capital firm that invests in highly-promising startups

We are redefining cross-border early-stage investing and solving problems worth solving.

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What We're Building

Globevestor is an online venture capital platform targeting investment opportunities in India.

The platform connects global investors and mentors with promising startups in emerging markets, facilitating the movement of smart capital & know-how across borders to help build high-impact businesses that'll change the world.

Using the curated online marketplace, investors can invest small amounts (as little as $1k-5k) in pre-screened promising startups in emerging markets through a novel legal framework. On the other hand, entrepreneurs in these markets can better raise early-stage risk capital and build a global network of experienced mentors and advisors.

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Globevestor Team

Raju P.N.
Entrepreneur with a strong international background in strategy and product management. IIT Bombay and SDA Bocconi alumnus.

Globevestor Investors

Farhan Naqvi
Tinkerer,Advisor, Investor
Aditya Agarwal
Founder @Wealthy @getSquareFeet.  Angel, @Chaayos, @Eatlo, @Globevestor. IIT Bombay '05