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The TOMS shoes of water bottles - YC W15

We’re a small group of passionate young people behind a for-purpose company that is actually is changing the world. Our dream is that one day everyone will have clean water. If you want to make a transformative difference to people’s lives, want to cut down on plastic bottle waste, and are loving what we do at GiveMeTap, then join us!

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What We're Building

With every GiveMeTap bottle purchased you get free water refills from a network of cafes and restaurants in your city, and we provide one person in Africa with access to clean drinking water.

Use our iPhone application or look out for our windows stickers to find the nearest place where you can top up you bottle with free water. Save money and reduce plastic waste, all while enabling another person in an African community to get access to clean drinking water.

Water for You. Water for Everyone.

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Edwin Broni-Mensah
CEO & Water Guy of GiveMeTap • TEDx Speaker. PhD in Applied Maths; Named #1 UK Black Graduate. Worked as a Technologist & Quant at @Goldman Sachs, @HSBC
Sanum Jain
Employee #1 @GiveMeTap • Studied @University of Manchester @Wellesley College and @MIT . Passionate about social impact business.
Waleed Lakhani
The Plumber @GiveMeTap

Our Investors

Kevin McIntosh
Entrepreneur / Investor / Advisor
Gordon Wintrob
LinkedIn via StackLead, MIT alum
Dilraj Ghumman, MD
Investing today in the products of tomorrow. Dad. Husband. Fan of Roentgen.
Andrew Ogawa
VC, Managing Partner@quest-venture-partners, Haafu (Japan/US), Thunderbird, @University of California, Santa Barbara, ASIJ, Tokyo, Japan
John Tan
Partner at
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