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Airbnb for DJs

We think the live music industry has too many stakeholders, its opacity tends to inefficiency especially in the way it handles booking. We want to build the platform that will streamline and optimize the booking process, and in the end bring better live music in front of everyone, everywhere. Read More
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What We're Building

Gigwax is a DJ booking marketplace that enables anyone to easily discover and book amazing DJs nearby. Gigwax streamlines the currently painful DJ booking process by connecting DJs and event organizers directly.

DJs can create a profile for free to start receiving leads in their city. Gigwax offers them a comprehensive online profile and a series of tools to showcase their services, get booked, gather ratings and reviews, and collect Credit Card payments.

Event organizers can quickly find and book the right DJ for their event by browsing the 2500+ DJ community or by asking for a Gigwax curator help. Gigwax takes away all the pain associated with finding, booking, and paying a great DJ, whether for public or private events.

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Gigwax Team

Amaury Meunier
Founder @Gigwax, MBA @Baruch College, Formerly @Bandsintown, @Universal Music Group & @The Coca-Cola Company, DJ/Producer btw NYC & Paris
Alexandre Seilliere
Co-Founder at Gigwax, previous experience in sales, business school undergrad degree from Georgetown