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Frontend Web Developer at GigIndia

Pune, Pune · Full Time
Founded in 2015, GigIndia is India's Largest Student Workforce providing micro-jobs at premium companies like Uber, Xiaomi, SHAREit, Radio Mirchi, Cashify, Vivo, Spoyl, Roposo and many more. Read More
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Job Description

Role and Responsibilities:
-Working with designers, product managers to collaboratively own the front-end layer at GigIndia.
-Building responsive and elegant mobile+desktop web UIs.

Skills required:
-You breathe Javascript day-in, day-out and yet feel that there’s more that you can learn.
-You are aware of Javascript design patterns and can architect a fairly complex UI without feeling the need of a framework.
-You don’t shy away from writing HTML and CSS because you love designing a beautiful webpage with Semantic markup.
-You know what CSS pre/post processors can do for you and can make a fair judgement at choosing them (or not) e.g SASS/LESS/PostCSS etc.
-You love automating things and can write custom scripts (Grunt/Gulp etc) to automate everything front-end.
-You know the cost of HTTP requests and are always looking for ways to improve the performance of the product across devices.
-You have experience building a product using a mainstream library or framework (ReactJS ecosystem preferred)
-You keep pace with the ever changing specs of cutting edge front-end technologies (e.g. Service Workers)

Required Experience:
-Minimum product dev experience of 1+ year in web/mobile startups with expertise in designing and implementing high performance web applications.
-You're an incessant problem solver and tougher the problem gets, more fun you have.
-You've proven experience in the past to showcase the previous point -- either in your past work experience or during study courses by getting involved in open-source projects.
-You love to own end to end responsibility, starting from defining the problem statement (either yourself or alongside your peers), development (PoC if needed), testing, releasing in staging & then production env and finally monitoring.

Bonus Points for:
-Experience building Single Page Applications.
-Experience building for mobile platforms (Android/iOS).
-Experience writing unit tests, visual regression tests.

Qualification/ Required Education background:
BE/B-Tech/BS in computer science or a related technical field from top-tier colleges or equivalent practical experience.

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