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A great career is so much more than a base salary and a hot technology stack. It is about having ownership in something that impacts people in a meaningful way. Plan has over 22k active monthly users who are using our tools to build better things faster. The positive response we have gotten has been staggering and we need someone who is passionate about building the RIGHT thing to join our team.

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Only 39% of the work day is spent on real work. The rest — over 60% — is wasted sifting through emails, coordinating meetings, and searching for company information. That's nuts.

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Jobs at Plan

Plan Team

Leonardo Zizzamia
Co-founder of @Plan, the command center for work life. GDE in Web Technologies and Angular. Formerly @Twitter, @Framestore & Taranto ☀️☕️
Artur Balabanskyy
Lead iOS Eng at Plan. Experienced executive in the Mobile / High-Tech sectors with a strong focus on strategy, product management and application development.
Thomas Potaire
Leading engineering at Plan from our servers to the clients. I ❤️productivity and effective engineering Previously at Twitter and CBS Interactive

Plan Investors

Kevin Carter
Partner at SV Angel
Derrick Li
Altimeter Capital
Dan Turchin
Dad, husband, entrepreneur, investor. Co-founder & CPO @ Neva; formerly VP Prod @ BigPanda, CEO @ Aeroprise (BMC), Prod Mgmt. @ ServiceNow.

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