Jobs at Miles

The app that rewards all your commute & travel

We have just started our journey of converting your miles into smiles. Join the Miles family and be part of this revolutionary program.

What We're Building

Miles is a universal rewards app empowering anyone to earn miles automatically for all forms of travel and commute. You can then redeem your miles from retailers such as Vudu, HelloFresh, Cole Haan, NatureBox, Canon, Silvercar, Atom Tickets, Getaround and many more.

Similar to a frequent flyer program, but for all forms of transportation, Miles delivers value for every mile traveled, across every mode of travel, anywhere in the world. Whether by car (as a driver, passenger or rideshare), plane, train, subway, bus, boat, bicycle, or on foot, the Miles app effortlessly awards users’ travel - regardless of where their journey takes them. Miles can be saved or redeemed at any time - with the value increasing every month as more merchants accept them as a form of payment.

Miles is a Silicon Valley-based startup with backing from prominent VCs (Porsche, Scrum, Panasonic, and Join the Miles family and be part of this revolutionary program!

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Jobs at Miles

Miles Team

Jigar Shah
Founder, CEO @Miles • Formerly Product Manager, Tech Lead @Cisco • Advisor @Airpost @AwesomeBox • MS @University of Southern California
Parin Shah
Co-Founder, Engineering Lead @Miles • Formerly Engineering Lead @Cisco, Software Engineer @Oracle, Software Engineer @Sun Microsystems • MS @SJSU
Paresh Jain
Co-founder, Business Development & Strategy @Miles | Formerly VP at @Morgan Stanley
Mayukh Samanta
Stanford MS, coursework and projects in ML and data mining, multi-disciplinary background
Ron Drabkin
Do lots of startups.
Jennifer Payne
10+ years in sales, business development, and operational roles. @velo-labs @Parkmobile/ParkNow @Zipcar
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Miles Investors

Keith Teare
Founder @Archimedes Labs, TechCrunch • Studied at @University of Kent
Ikuo C. Hiraishi
Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Accelerator. Founder at DreamVision. Co-founder of SunBridge Global Ventures, Interscope (sold to Yahoo! JAPAN), WebCrew(IPO).
Ashish Toshniwal
Founder Y Media Labs Inc. • Worked at, • Studied at @Purdue University
Shigeru Urushibara
Japanese enterpreneur in advanced enterprise IT market.
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