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Legally verify users with a few lines of JS

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You would be taking the challenge of making sure all our web products interfaces are extremely user friendly and intuitive.

You would also be leading the frontend team, most probably spending 20-30% of your time raodmapping and making sure the frontend team is going in the right direction, and making the right decisions. You will serve as a leader and a coach.

We want you to be independent and put your product mind to work in order to optimise our user interfaces by yourself. We’re a startup and we’re awaiting brilliance from every single person.

Of course if are full stack and you can also take some backend responsibility, that’s a big plus!

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Nobody knows who you are online. And proving your identity online is usually a painful process that no company has solved yet.

Mati has "user verification SDKs” that companies integrate to verify their users’ official identities.

The best example is to imagine that when you open a bank account online, the bank needs to verify your true identity to avoid fraud. But most online companies need to verify their users: ride sharing, sharing economy, credit companies, etc…

Mati is a Silicon Valley startup, with top notch investors and engineers. We are a team of 20 people, growing. We are already integrating the biggest companies in Mexico to solve their identity issues.

Mati has a strong background in computer vision, with a lot of talented Artificial Intelligence engineers. If AI is something you are also interested in, be sure that you would anyway learn a lot about it.


* prior experience of +4 years as frontend engineer
* Strong proficiency with JavaScript ES5, ES2017 (Babel.JS)
* Strong proficiency with JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as jQuery, Underscore/Lodash, React, VueJS
* Knowledge of Node.js and frameworks available for it, such as Express, Socket.IO
* Good written skills
* Very strong design & product vision
* Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git

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What We're Building

Our mission at mati is to build a global verified user identity, an access point to the digital economy, and to standardize it across not just companies, but all industries. Identity is the last missing layer online, as some people say. However, establishing trust is currently very difficult and costly both in terms of UX and financially - digital identity is at a similar stage where commerce was before VISA.

We develop computer vision biometric technology, that recognizes the user seamlessly with near 100% accuracy, on any device, app or website. We use this technology to develop and facilitate trust online. We do not want stop until every transaction, authentication, check-in, signup, and registration is seamless.

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