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The Complete Information Platform for the Internet of Things

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What We're Building

GeoG is a cloud platform that'll help you easily build inter-connected devices and apps that can efficiently transmit, process & receive data, minimising CPU utilisation and maximising scale efficiently. GeoG follows a state of the art development process, combined with finely tuned software for a variety of hardware to unify and simplify the development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

If you're a device maker, come and start making your IoT products within minutes! If you are a software vendor, you can integrate most hardware devices just as easily.

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GeoG Team

Karthik Kumar Viswanathan
Generalist. Builder. Worked at @Zynga, @Amazon, @NetApp and a lot of small shops.
Syed Anees
Currently Software Engineer at Siftery, B.E. in CS from PESIT Bangalore. Interested in working on Web technologies Backend/Full Stack
Turner Bowling
Virginia Tech Computer Engineering, previous internship experience.

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