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Genomic Prediction

Python and Django Web Developer at Genomic Prediction

New Brunswick · Full Time
Like 23andme, but on embryos. Read More
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Job Description

The role involves improving our website and customer portal, as well as various backend tasks (AWS, DigitalOcean etc.). We expect you to have experience with building websites in Django, doing both frontend and backend work. You will be working alongside other developers and UI/UX designers to build a customer report, architect backend server-systems, and design and implement APIs.

Primary Technologies:

* Back-end: Python, Django, Django REST Framework
* Front-end: JavaScript(ES6), Node, React, HTML/CSS(SASS)
* Other: Git, AWS, DigitalOcean

Required qualifications:

* 2+ years of experience as a full-stack web developer with Python and Django
* Experience designing, building, and maintaining REST APIs
* Experience with basic JavaScript, HTML

Preferred qualifications:

* Experience working with cloud service platforms such as DigitalOcean and AWS
* Experience working with SQL, relational database modeling and design.
* Willingness to complete a take-home coding challenge or example coding projects on GitHub

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What We're Building

Pieces about us in the pop media:

There is much more, if you search.

Here is how we accomplish this:

Genomic Prediction was incorporated May 1, 2017, shortly after we submitted this manuscript for publication:
Replicated by several groups in academia and in Silicon Valley. Bioarxiv article metrics: abstract views 31k, paper downloads 6k. Many hundreds of tweets about it. Not bad!

Before GP, we were doing this same work in China. You can google the work, it is fairly well known:

We offer parents polygenic disease risk predictions for each embryo.

We bring IVF into the information age.

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Ben Sokolowsky
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Genomic Prediction Investors

Kyle Hendrick
General Partner @ArabAngelFund . The largest VC investing in the US out of the Middle East . Currently incubating @GoldCleats as a Co-Founder