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Gelt VC is distinguished in its approach to venture investing as well as the industries in which we focus.


EMBEDDED VC: Almost everyone agrees that the founding team is the most important element at the seed stage. When new ventures are extremely early on there are very few objective means for measurement and the team is often the most tangible measure. The problem is it can also be difficult to get to know a team in the short period of time before a deal closes.

Gelt VC strives to meet teams early enough for Gelt to work side by side with those teams over an extended period of time. We refer to this co-working/diligence as "embedded vc" and we believe it is the best way to get to know a founding team in good times and in bad.

HONEY BADGERS: Many investors seek out boom or bust companies. Research has shown that venture returns are largely driven by the very best companies. While we don't dispute the research, we believe that this focus on dichotomous companies leads investors to miss out on some companies who have the same long term potential but who also have short to medium term paths to success. We call these companies Honey Badgers because they can succeed in many different ways and in many different market conditions. Uber, Airbnb, Atlasssian and Sofi all fit into this category and all may have been passed up because of their early path to revenue.


We like to invest in companies that roughly fit into the B2B2C category. The companies which fit this model have the predictability and capital efficiency of enterprise companies but share the massive upside consumer facing companies typically enjoy. In combining capital efficiency with large upside we believe we can deliver outsized returns to our investors.

While we look at companies across sectors, we are particularly interested in companies building technology to service the Real Estate, Financial Services, Transportation and Logistics industries.


We will syndicate investments where we are given a sufficient allocation to allow other investors to participate and where the founder is interested in working with a syndicate.

Jacob Chapman
Jake is a seed stage VC. He is also a writer with articles appearing in TechCrunch, Wired, Pando & Venture Beat and is a frequent judge on
Keith Wasserman
Founder @Gelt, Inc., @Domuso, & Gelt Venture Capital• Studied at @University of Southern California
Damian Langere
CEO/Co-Founder Domuso, Partner/Co-Founder Gelt Inc., Investor/Co-Founder Gelt Venture Capital
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Matt D
Founder: iMega $8M EBIT 3yrs Adtech. $1M in 1mnth. @Growth Angels helping great teams grow. Online Growth Expert. Systems & Bio Hacker
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“Serial founder for past 15 yrs, 8 figure exit & Australia's first "Growth Hacker". I think a lot about all facets of startup growth and...more
Stefano Bernardi
Co-Founder and Partner @Mission and Market Previously co-founded @Kickpay (YC W15) and was at @Betable, @500 Startups and @TechCrunch. BSc Computer Engineering
Clifford Tong
Angel Investor @Berkeley Angel Network @Sand Hill Angels @vancouver-angel-forum . Founding investor/advisor @Batchery . Founder @Diverse Strategies .
Yannick Roux
VC at @EC1 Capital. Previously: @Momondo Group & @Forward Internet Group. Occasional angel investor: @Swytch
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Kevin Siskar
Managing Director
Managing Director of Founder Institute New York & the host of Ambition Today. Investor in over seventy five companies & newsletter at
John Ramey
Founder @Nomadic Mentors (acq), Founder CEO @isocket (acq). Innovation advisor to White House. Involved in >$100M in fundraising. Angel, advisor, product.
Parker Thompson
Partner @AngelList. Partner @500 Startups. Code+BD @Pivotal Labs. Code @Placesite. Hoarding data @Internet Archive. Digital copyright stuff @UC Berkeley iSchool.
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