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Will lead syndicates in a select group of European and Israeli companies with strong technology underpinnings, highly differentiated offerings, and validation from sophisticated buyers.

Who am I? I have been a professional VC for over a decade across Israel and Europe. My venture portfolio includes The Gifts Project (acquired by Ebay), Yedda (acquired by AOL), Innovid (backed by Sequoia), JFrog (backed by VMware), SiSense (backed by Opus, Battery, and DFJ Growth), LoyalBlocks (backed by General Catalyst), RhodeCode (backed by Earlybird), and Crate (backed by Sunstone).

My angel portfolio includes Front (backed by Y-Combinator, Boldstart, SoftTech, and Point Nine), and (backed by DFJ Menlo Park).

Overall, this portfolio has generated very impressive performance – and I’m happy to share more information as necessary on my previous investment track record.

For more information, you are welcome to take a look at my Linkedin profile, my AngelList profile, my twitter stream, or my blog on the European & Israeli technology scene, Yankee Sabra Limey.

Investment strategy. This AngelList syndicate will back European and Israeli companies driven by technology with global ambitions. The goal is to participate in VC-style rounds (ideally syndicated with top-tier investors) and to make sure the company is adequately financed to reach a meaningful milestone:

  • Technology. There must be a significant technological component that forms a meaningful barrier to entry.

  • Global ambition. The founding team must have ambitions to go global. Generally, this means an emphasis on the US market with an aim to achieve US customers, a US presence, and US investors within the next 18 months.

  • Sophisticated buyers. I back companies that target enterprises, SMBs, and professionals across a number of verticals. I do not back consumer-oriented companies or businesses that require massive marketing expenditure in order to scale. The goal is focus on opportunities where quality due diligence matters.

  • Focus on the "Bridge to America" round. I will not invest unless I believe there is a very good chance that a US-based top-tier VC will lead the next round. This means ensuring that the round I'm investing in is sufficient to take the company to a meaningful milestone, that the milestones are very well defined, and that the company is aligned around achieving a US-led VC round.


With a strong track record and deep relationships with entrepreneurs and investors across the US, Europe, and Israel - dealflow is generally not a problem. 

Based on a decade of VC experience, I'll work to share deals with the right value-added angels and VCs to maximize the long-term value of the business.

Gil Dibner
Investor: @Innovid @Sisense @JFrog @Flok @Cloud66 @FrontApp @Moltin @Yedda @Front @Resin. Syndicate backs top-tier Israeli & European tech-driven companies.
Acquired by eBay for $25M in 2011
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Gil is an fantastic advisor. He's one of the most straight-up people I deal with on a day-to-day basis, and I appreciate it. He never tells me he's going to be authentic and transparent, He just is.

We're a very technical company that began life in the UK and then moved to the US....more
Gil is a great mentor, tech-savvy investor and really genuine person. Many times he has helped us with extremely helpful feedback and introductions even without me asking.

His eye for spotting great companies and entrepreneurs in high growth areas very early is something I have rarely seen in...more
Gil cares, is smart and a purist. Every startup needs as many people as possible around them with those traits.
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