Christian Gammill

Product Guy. Entrepreneur. EiR-ish @ Technicolor Ventures. Founder @ BlackBooke. Former Chemist. Former IBMer. Michigan Man. Proud Dad. Human Being. Here2help.

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What I Do

I like to build things.


Founder of #TheStartLab [Chemistry Club for Entrepreneurs]

Co-Founder and President of SocialGuides [Square for Facebook]

Advisor to Leadformix [Marketing Automation - acquired 01/12]
Advisor & Co-Founder of Feedtrace [social content curation platform - acquired 07/11]

Helped launch Mobile-XL [Mobile Internet via SMS] in Africa & Middle East
Tried to help Teleflip [Mobile email for Dumb Phones] not deadpool.

Former strategy and customer analytics nerd at IBM [IBM].
Former analytical chemist in drug development for big pharma [sold to Eurofins 2005].

Worked at the mall and in the corn fields in the midwest...

What I'm Looking For

Smart teams cracking old problems with new technology.