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What We're Building

Funded by top-tier VCs and angels, Galore helps those of us with kids feel like better parents, and kids become better people.

Using our mobile app, parents browse activities, camps and classes lead by top local providers. Parents can then easily reserve and pay for programs where their kids can make stuff, be active, perform, learn, or be entertained. For providers -- both brick-and-mortar businesses and independent individuals -- we offer SaaS tools to manage and grow their customer base.

We're lucky to be in that rare, winner take all business that is incredibly profitable at scale, while also doing good in the world. We're addressing a passionate, underserved, high-spending customer (parents!) in a multi-billion dollar addressable market. We’re also making kids activities more accessible and affordable and empowering thousands of instructors, teachers and coaches to make a difference in the lives of children.

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Jeff Levinsohn
Co-Founder @Galore & @21212 • Advisor @Slack • Former exec @Sling Media (sold to DISH for $380M) & @Vostu (>20M MAUs)
Max Stiles
Co-Founder @Galore
Jack Collins
Experienced project manager and Rails/Angular software developer. ~12 hours spent in freefall
Lyle McKeany
Growth Marketer. Previously Tradecraft growth cohort #2. BS in Business Management from Sonoma State University.
Nemanja Kovacevic
Lead Android Engineer @Galore
Elan Saitas
Content Curator at Galore
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