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Mudar Yaghi
Mudar Yaghi, Co-CEO of AppTek, Director of Investech Solutions.
Howard Teich
I am deeply involved in many startup with focus on superior leadership. All said and done it is the leaders consciousness and relatedness that matters
David Levine
Founder/CEO of @Geostellar. Big-data geomatics pioneer. Presented at 1st WWW conference, CERN '94. Author "Live Java." @Yale University SY '88 Philosophy.
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I highly recommend working with and investing in early stage investment opportunities conceived and lead by serial entrepreneur David Levine.

I have been involved from several vantage points with David's deals, beginning with Ultraprise through (Gamebryo) when I chaired JIT...more
David is remarkable. He’s truly visionary with the unwavering courage to charge down a path that others not only won’t go, but often can’t even see. He understands detail in a way that few visionaries do, and has a rarely seen bandwidth to see and act on every detail of execution. He’s a...more
David is a very coachable visionary, fearlessly leading a new solar marketplace against entrenched incumbents.
Howard is deeply engaged in the emotional infrastructure of the company. He resonates with the leadership team and other directors at a deep level. His contributions are always on-point.
Mudar is a joy to work with. His keen mind offers equally brilliant technical, operational and marketing insights. He has a fearless attitude that encourages bold actions and big results. Mudar is our go-to partner for strategic and tactical advice on a wide range of topics.
David Levine
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