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LCIF has invested in over 80 companies since January 2015. The fund, however, has limited follow-on capacity. We are looking to form a syndicate to invest alongside us in select portfolio companies in order to take up at least LCIF's pro-rata share in such rounds. The investments are typically led by LCIF partner funds (see Funding London / LCIF profile) or new Series A investors who would lead and price the rounds.

We will share only selected deals where LCIF is participating as well. Deals where LCIF has allocations, but is not participating will not be shared.

Puneet Bhatia
Fund Manager, London-Co-investment Fund
John Spindler
Founder and partner at the London Co-Investment Fund, CEO of Capital Enterprise, angel investor focused on London based "game changing" businesses.
Experience and ability
John Spindler
For Puneet Bhatia's work at London Co-Investment Fund
Because he is the founder
London Co Investment Fund Manager
For John Spindler's work at London Co-Investment Fund
John has a vast experience in London's startup scene; advising entrepreneurs on how to get into the game & avoid pitfalls.

He is also a great person to speak to; really open & honest.
Nicolas Arrellaga
For John Spindler's work with Nexoos
He has a wealth of knowledge on the London Startup scene, incredible skills in becoming investment ready and a huge number of contacts in the VC community.
Mark McDermott
For John Spindler's work with ScreenCloud
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