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Fullstack Web Development Instructor at Fullstack Academy

New York City, Chicago · Full Time
Fullstack Academy is an immersive, full-time software engineering school in NYC. Our JavaScript-driven curriculum immerses students in the latest web technologies such as Node.js, AngularJS and MongoDB. Read More
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Job Description


As an Instructor for Fullstack Academy’s flagship bootcamp program, you lead instruction for our core bootcamp program. You’ll lead lectures and support students through exercises designed to embed key web development concepts. You’ll guide students through development of stellar projects. You’ll facilitate a dynamic and collaborative classroom community. You’ll collaborate with our dedicated support and administrative staff to ensure an exceptional experience for each student in our program..

This is a full-time role, based in New York City and reports to our Head of Academics.


In this role, you will:
-Lead instruction on Web Development and other technology topics, including leading whole-class lectures, activity-based learning workshops, and project-based experiential learning
-Work with students 1-on-1, in pairs and in groups to support their learning and growth in the program
-Create a positive, professional and inclusive learning environment and culture for our students
-Iterate on our curriculum over time based on student achievement data, feedback from students and employer partners, and evolving trends in the industry
-Keep up to date on relevant trends in the web development field


You are a great candidate if you have:
-The experience and/or credentials that satisfy New York State regulatory requirements for a software engineering instructor - either:
1) A BA/BS in Computer Science; or
2) At least 1 year of professional work experience as a software engineer and 12 college credits in any of the following: computer science, statistics; mathematics, logic, research methodology, software and/or programming
-A strong understanding of core technologies of fullstack JavaScript development: Node.js, PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS, React
-Experience teaching, loosely defined - working at a bootcamp, TA’ing in college, creating educational content via YouTube, mentoring junior developers, volunteering to teach, or prior experience as a teacher are all great experience
-Exceptional and engaging presentation skills - particularly when it comes to complex technical information
-A desire to work in a fast-moving environment with a high degree of ownership and independence
-A love of software development and a passion for growing the careers of a diverse new generation of software engineering professionals

You are an exceptional candidate for this role if you also have:
-2+ years working as a professional software engineer
-Experience teaching in an immersive "bootcamp" type of environment

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