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Well funded mobile start-up based in SF. We are just about to close the next round (pssst). You will have huge opportunities to influence on Fronto and new upcoming products!

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What We're Building

Fronto is the world’s first mobile lock screen media, which displays rewards, deals and curated content to mobile users through the everyday lock screen in a perfectly seamless way. By simply waking up your phone, you can earn rewards, download coupons, learn new promotional deals and enjoy trending content.

Our first product, Cashslide, was launched in Korea in Nov 2012, and it now has 8 mil users, 2 mil DAU and 100 mil PV, which makes it as the most preferred mobile ad channel among local advertisers. In Jul 2013, just 8 months after the launch, we successfully raised $4 mil in Series-A funding.

We launched Fronto in the U.S. in May 2014, and we are looking for experienced mobile digital media professionals. Join us as a founding member of Fronto based in the SF Bay Area. We are redesigning mobile media and advertising. For more details, visit

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