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Software Engineer at Friended

New York City · Full Time

Real relationships are more than our dating and image filters. Friended helps connect people in a more human way with beautifully designed experiences. We bring together data science, human psychology, and craftsman-like attention to user experience in order create more meaningful interactions between people.

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Job Description

What We’re Looking For

We're looking for someone with experience scaling Ruby/Rails systems, who's passionate about building consumer products and who wants to become an integral part of a small team that’s having fun building things!


- Have 5+ years development experience, with strong Ruby/Rails skills, optional frontend skills in js/html/css or objective-c/swift is a bonus
- Are familiar with a range of modern data stores (MySQL, Postgres, Redis, ElasticSearch)
- Write clear, self-documenting code, and seek out best practices
- Are aware of performance trade-offs and write efficient, scalable code
are serious (but pragmatic) about TDD, and refactor aggressively
- Can translate product requirements into technical specifications and tasks to be done.
- Are comfortable doing dev ops on AWS/Heroku
- Have a good understanding of continuous integration and continuous delivery
- Have strong CS fundamentals. (degree preferred)

Also important to be successful with us...

- Are highly organized and able to multitask effectively
- Find joy in solving problems for others
- Have a strong belief in your personal responsibility for ensuring quality craftsmanship
- Have an open, collaborative spirit

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What We're Building

Friended connects people instantly for a meaningful one-on-one messaging experience.

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