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We are excited to partner with talented teams of entrepreneurs chasing after big problems. We are looking for teams that can build and hustle their way to success, and have a proven track record of doing so. We are team first and we're looking to back leaders that are resilient, humble, and eager to win. The team has experience both on the VC and entrepreneurial side. Brian previously worked with the leading VC group in China, Shenzhen Capital Group, while Shri was an angel investor and the CTO of Flightcar. We are a sector-agnostic fund, but some areas we're currently excited about include mobile-focused disruption, developer tools, on-demand marketplaces, consumerization of SaaS, and hardware. Investing in startups is risky business, so please do not back the syndicate if you're not comfortable with the risk.
We will share deals when the fund gets a large enough allocation to use an AL syndicate, and the entrepreneurs want to take this approach.
Shri Ganeshram
Founder / CTO @awning-1 • Founder @fresh-4 • YC Alum • Founding Team, SVP Tech & Data @eaze • Founder @flightcar • @massachusetts-institute-of-technology
Brian Sheng
Founder @fresh-4 • Formerly @ Chinese VC firm @SCGC • Investor @fiscalnote, @vessel @eaze • 1100 lbs Club at @princeton
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Acquired by Marketo in 2015
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Acquired by Soothe in 2015
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Diego Gomes
Founder & CEO @rock. Blogger, mentor & aspiring angel investor. Passionate about mobile, SaaS and subscription businesses.
Jeff Morris Jr.
Director of Product, Revenue @tinder. Led revenue team to #1 top grossing app. Investor @chapter-one-ventures.
Doug Scott
Over 180 backers. Click to see why:) UK - https://angel.co/potential-uk GLOBAL - https://angel.co/potential-international/syndicate Go on click:):)
Saad AlSogair
Investing in what matters, not in what's predictable. Over 400 investments on @angellist ~ Raise money & get funded! Apply today: https://drs.link/angel
Lisa Rich
Founder@Xplore Founder@Hemisphere Ventures Founder@BrainyQuote, Strategist, Speaker, Frontier Tech investor in synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space.
Bruno Werneck
Corporate Strategy and Development at Plaid
Noah Belkin
Co-founder of BayLite Capital, owner of South American hospitality chain & active philanthropist. Angel Investor in 100+ startups
Can help with
“I was raised by a single mother and am 1 of 6 children in a blended family. I come from a unique background in the sense that I have a very wealthy side of...more
Matt Johnson
Full-time Partner at an exec search firm ( @daversa-partners ), part-time investor in companies with whom I work - like @zuora , @opower , @appdynamics
Can help with
“Powerful network of engineering and product leaders. Can help to make introductions, plus help founding teams think through recruiting and people development.”
Brian is great. He is an investor in Luna and since day one he helped us a lot. He promptly reacts to anything we might ask from time to time and he helped us with several introductions. He is the type of guy you can count on and a great person.
Shri was one of the most helpful people we surrounded ourselves with early days of Shyp. He saw our vision before most other investors, made a ton of amazing intro's and is an all-round very helpful person. Highly recommended to work with him in any capacity. 
Every founder wishes they had more investors like Shri in their corner. He's consistently helpful, always goes to bat for your company, and most important of all - he genuinely cares (which is a rarer quality than it should be). Couldn't be happier to have Shri + Fresh in our round. 
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