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Silicon Valley's cool uncle who drives a Camaro.

We're currently a team of 8 changing the world of art. It's not an easy task, but we're on to something here. Recently raised a $4.5M seed round led by Index Ventures and relocated to San Francisco from the east coast (Scranton, PA). Read More
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What We're Building

French Girls is the world's best marketplace for art.

Simply upload your favorite photos to the iOS app and connect with thousands of artists to commission a drawing. The artist will then create a custom, one-of-a-kind drawing in the app based on your photo. Then BOOM, now you have your next profile picture, Instagram post, or canvas print!

We're very passionate about our artist community! We help connect artists with clients, so they may draw and generate revenue. We are proud that we have found the opportunity to help thousands of artists around the world socialize and create.

We take it seriously, and are looking for people who want to join us.

Working at French Girls is like inviting your best friends over to your house to play with an infinite set of legos. There's so much potential for creativity and you can code anything you can imagine. I'm constantly inspired by the work put forth by my team and by the amazing art created by our users. French Girls provides me with the opportunity to support the artistic community in a way I never knew was possible. Note to Jenni: Can we buy more lego sets for the office?
Artists are awesome, and we all wish we could be them. They're kind of like drummers. It's infinitely motivating that I get to do what I love (building cool programmy stuff) by supporting others in what they love to do (produce great works of art). On top of that, Farkas gives the best hugs, Jenni has the best laugh, Ceresko gives the best high-fives, and sometimes Graydon stares at me. Piercing, with those eyes. He also designs some of the most hilarious, engaging stuff you'll find on this planet. But mostly those eyes.
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French Girls Team

Andrew Herman
Co-Founder of FrenchGirls in January 2014, Penn State graduate in Spring 2009, Guitar enthusiast in 1992, Human in 1985.
Adam Ceresko
Startup founder and product leader with a passion for building products that customers love. Strong focus on metrics-driven product strategy and execution.
Jeff Farkas
Programming is my creative outlet.
John Brunsfeld
CTO at RewardsForce, @MyReplayLive

Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What is your office environment like?
Our office environment is casual and creative, while also being professional and inviting. We've recently moved into a new space in SoMa. We have three beautiful floors of what used to be a photography studio in the '60's. It's an open and collaborative space with plenty of nooks to tuck into for privacy and quiet. Our common spaces are named after our favorite FG personalities--Scotch, Hotdog Monster, Jesus Cat, and Ghost Chair.
Jenni Thomas
Operations Manager at French Girls since 2015
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
Projected around 10. Our immediate core focus is to plug the gaps in our engineering team (iOS and graphics) and community (growth and retention). As we get later into 2016, we'll be adding to the engineering team to get moving on Android and web.
Adam Ceresko
Co-Founder & COO at French Girls since 2014

French Girls Investors

Kristopher B. Jones
Founder of Pepperjam (sold to eBay Enterprise) and angel firm KBJ Capital. Founder / Advisor French Girls App. CEO of Special Guest. Ernst & Young EOY Finalist.

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